Travel Medicine

Our Travel Services

Our travel medicine services help protect patients from an array of dangerous diseases. Whether you are taking an around-the-world retirement trip, studying abroad, visiting far-away relatives, or providing humanitarian care, we can help keep you well. We provide the most current travel health advice and vaccines in our convenient downtown Seattle location. Our physician, Warren Dinges, MD, PhD is board certified in Infectious Diseases and has devoted a significant portion of his clinical practice to travel medicine issues.

Please remember to schedule your travel appointment at least six to eight weeks before your trip. Some vaccines are only effective if taken weeks before potential exposures. If you have any questions about the timing of your travel vaccines, please contact us as soon as possible.

Travel Services Pricing

Like other travel centers, we provide travel medicine services on a fee-for-service basis. All treatment prices are listed on a convenient list. Please note, Seattle Travel & Preventive Medicine contracts with no health insurers. We do, however, provide information concerning services received for employer reimbursement (when available) and flex fund use. Patients with HSA debit/credit cards may use HSA funds for our travel services.

The CDC issues travel health advisories here:

The US State Department issues international travel safety alerts regarding range of issues, including health issues, here: